March 13, 2005

Grits for Breakfast

Who doesn't start the day with grits? I like to and I will have you to know that grits have become food that is served in fine restaurants now. Shrimp and Grits are on most menus everywhere and not just in the south.

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I like grits cooked with milk. The texture is creamy and when you go to most restaurants it is made with grits. I grew up with grits made with water. Once you have it made with milk you never go back. The first time I had grits in a restaurant that was made with milk instead of water was at a wonderful restaurant called Red Bone Alley in florence. They make a wonderful dish called Low Country Shrimp and Grits.

Now you can make this dish at home. Gone are my days of just plain grits and butter. If it does not have the onions, cheese and all that other stuff it is not grits. And I make it like that for breakfast. Plain grits just won't do.

What are grits? Some of you out in the blogosphere may never have tried them. It is basically ground corn with the consistency of oatmeal. For the detailed process of what are grits ? check here. Grits are found everywhere. Just check your local supermarket. I like Quaker the best.

Yep...the day just has to start with grits. It just won't be right without grits.

Some people have taken grits to a new and possible low level. Can we say Grits Festival. It is a day of fun and a lot of southern cities have them but craziness goes on there. Rolling around in huge vats full fo grits to see who can get the most grits on them is crazy! the local Grits Festival here in South Carolina is coming up. The World Grits Festival will be held April 15-17 in St. George, S.C.

Good gawd, ya'll, grits have gone Up Town.That's right!

Americans eat about 100 million pounds of grits each year. And that' s not all consumed south of the Mason-Dixon line. In fact, grits are eaten in every state of the Union, usually by Southerners who have been transplanted there.

Anything as popular as grits deserves its own annual festival. So each April the good folks of St. George, S.C., stage their annual World Grits Festival which draws tens of thousands of grits lovers, and some of the curious, to their town about an hour west of Charleston.

The highlight of the festival has to the Rolling in the Grits competition. A kiddie pool is filled with cooked grits and contestants dive in and coat themselves with as much grits as possible in 10 seconds. Contestants wear big hats and loose pants with lots of pockets because the person with the most pounds of grits on his or her body wins the $75 first prize.

It is not the paper mill! It is pluff mud!

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