May 29, 2007

Piccolo Spoleto Outdoor Juried Art Exhibition

Today for my Spoleto event I went to the Piccolo Spoleto Outdoor Juired Art Exhibition. I spent about 2 hours at Marion Square just walking and seeing all the art there. Needless to say I did not see it all. At the Piccolo Spoleto Outdoor Juried Art Exhibition I was actually able to speak to some of the artists. It was not crazy like the weekend was with so many people. We had room to walk and mingle without the pressing cramping of a crowd.

Since I had already seen the exhibit at the Visitor Center this past weekend I was thrilled to meet Marty Biernbaum who has Southern Pears on exhibit at the Visitor Center. I told her I had seen her work at the Visitor Center and thought it was a very interesting piece. At Marion Square I was able to see the rest of the pear collection. Very nicely done. The detail was great as well as the different "pear" scenarios. I was able to sign up for her mailing list. She will be having a gallery event later this year that she will be sending out invitations for. I would like to go.

I also got to talk to Will Hegler. His work was just amazing to me. He explained to my mother and I that it was a combination of mosaics, pointillism and stained glass. There was a picture on display of the new Ravenel Bridge that was just amazing. He told me that he submitted it to be the poster for the Bridge Run this year. While it was not chosen, he got an honorable mention. He then took out his portfolio and showed he the picture of the old bridge where it was chosen back in 2003.....I think that is the year he told me. The detail was something I just could not describe to anyone else. You have to see it to believe it.

We stopped at many other booths and spoke to a few other artists. The two most impressive to me were the two above. We stopped by Kent Ambler and saw his woodcut prints. We also went to the booth of the winner this year of the poster...Elaine Berlin. Caryn Smith also had some lovely works as well and so did Margaret de Ruyter Connell. We saw many more. We came to the booth or should I say booths owed by the Spencer's. I liked the work by Mrs. Spencer and not so much Mr. Spencer. My mother was the exact opposite. She liked Mr. Spencer over Mrs. Spencer.

The two pieces I like the most were kind of hidden away on the back panel. They were not there but there was a girl or young woman manning the booths for them today. On the left side and I forget the name now.. was a scene from Italy that had beautiful purple and pink fields of flowers. On the right was a picture the young woman called the "Italian cat." Those were my favorites by her.

There was so much art to see that there was no way to see to all in one day. A second trip will be required to see the rest. I know I will find some other marvelous works of art to marvel at when we return. It was another great Spoleto day!

It is not the paper mill! It is pluff mud!

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