June 08, 2007

Denmark Vesey: Insurrection

I took my daughter to see Denmark Vesey: Insurrection. She loved it. That is her in the picture. I loved it. She thought that it was the best thing that she had seen in all of Spoleto this year. It was her favorite out of all the events we went to this year.

Personally I thought the actors were both riveting and the story line raised some very interesting points of view. The show was one that kept you interested and really on the edge of your seat till the very end. If you missed Denmark Vesey: Insurrection at the American Theatre, then you REALLY missed something this year. It was excellent from beginning to end!

My rating? 2 thumbs up and an extra large dollop of pluff mud!

It is not the paper mill! It is pluff mud!

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