June 08, 2007


I took my daughter to see Quintango on last Saturday afternoon. It was raining downtown and we had to park in the lot in the market just down from Henry's. We had quite a walk in the rain to the Footlight Players Theatre on Queen Street. The walk was not so bad, just the rain. We were all dressed in our finery and heels! Luckily we both carried an extra pair of shoes just for the rain. I had my Crocs and she had her ballet slippers. We changed into the more presentable shoes at the theatre.

We arrived about 50 minutes early and there was already a lobby full of people. We waited and while I was waiting I ran into a very old friend of mine from college--the College of Charleston. She was actually one of my best friends. I was in her wedding. Her daughter is one of the performers who dances for Robert Ivey. She had just performed there for the Brown Bag Ballet. She and I kept up with each other for years after we both graduated from the College of Charleston. We visited back and forth where ever we were living in the states. She married a Citadel cadet and ended up moving all over the world with his military career. Regardless, we wrote and visited and flew all over the country to visit. Somehow we eventually lost touch.

I recognized her first and it was like a reunion! She is back here in Mt. Pleasant, so we will work hard on rekindling the old friendship. She was always a dear person.

Back to the performance. I was very excited about seeing this show as it has gotten rave reviews and had been around for eight years. I must say that it was my only Spoleto disappointment. I do not have anything bad to say about the performance. It was just so-so. It lacked some excitement. There were a few moments that were at a high but overall it was just okay. We saw the 2nd act. We were going to see the 1st but decided to try another event. I think that Quintango needed just a little bit of coffee to jazz things up a bit.

It is not the paper mill! It is pluff mud!

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