June 20, 2007

Typical Charleston Streets

I was on my way home on yesterday and was driving through my subdivision and this is what I came across. People are taking matters into their own hands. Our streets are so bad that no one is even bothering to repave often. We just go with the bumps. This is classic. Thank goodness someone did this. I got out and looked at that hole and it is very deep. It is the classic homemade warning to the public.

When do you think that hole will be repaired? From what I have seen West Ashley, it takes quite some time for the city to come out and patch a hole. We will be waiting for a while. So look out for potholes West Ashley. There are some like these that are very deep!

What can I say? Is this not what just about every street in Charleston is like? The feel is that of modern day cobble stones. Just one drive down Calhoun Street will put all your tires out of alignment. I noticed that King Street was just repaved....just in time for Spoleto. Keeping up appearances you know.... just like Hyancinth Bucket in Keeping Up Appearances ( I love that show.) Could not let all those tourists feel the bump and hump of lumpy Charleston streets!

1 comment:

Charlie Mitchell said...

Well, since you asked, I'll put my
two cent's worth in.

Seems to me that we'd all be
a lot better off if the downtown
low-speed streets were paved with
bricks, like lower Church Street.
The bricks shift ever so slightly
with time, but the overall effect
is really pretty smooth, with no
sudden jarring potholes.

Thanks for bringing me a little
bit of Charleston every now and then.